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  • 1.0.5 Patch makes Wolfenstein: Youngblood more exciting!
    Time: Sep. 9, 2019

    If you have trouble overcoming Wolfenstein: Youngblood, a new patch will help relieve your frustration.

    Patch 1.0.5 adds several "features requested by the player", including control points in towers and final bosses, a switch to eliminate enemy life bars and artificial intelligence updates for the partner. . This last point is important because your AI companion version 1.0.5 now retires more frequently when it deals damage to great enemies and can also heal you when it is fired.

    1.0.5 follows patch 1.0.4, released earlier this month. This update has made many changes and corrections, including problems loading players in online matches, even if the offline option was selected, opening the door with locks on the wrong side, etc. . More importantly, with patch 1.0.4, Youngblood can be stopped offline. Since the Nintendo switch does not yet have version 1.0.4, both updates are summarized in version 1.0.5.

    More details in patch 1.0.5:

    1. Patch Highlights
    * The difficulty level of all boss battles has been adjusted.
    * Enemies can now enable or disable their life bars in the Options menu. (This will not disable armor types).
    * Several measures have been taken to reduce the feeling of "sponginess of the hostile globe".
    * A basic weapon ammo will now be filled after a player has reappeared.
    * More specialized munitions have been added in more difficult areas.
    * Duplicate laptops tutorials have been added to the game so that they are 100% complete.
    * Fixed an issue that could cause some enemies to appear prematurely in some areas.

    * The exchange rate between some weapons has been increased to facilitate adaptation to the types of enemy armor.

    2. Bug fixes
    * Client players can now exploit the host player's DKW charges by shooting them.
    * A band of data necessary to carry out the silent mission of the outpost can be lost and the mission cannot be completed. This band will now display correctly for all players.
    * All weapon class damage modifiers and host and client updates have been adjusted. Previously, a mistake could cause a player with certain types of weapons and upgrades to do much more damage.
    * The message "Unlocks available" can be played even if there are active opponents. * It won't happen anymore.
    * Several time errors were corrected with termination events that prevented progress from saving progress in certain circumstances.
    * Coop levers now work much more reliably in single player mode.

    * Improved artificial intelligence of the sisters, so that they stay away from larger opponents more frequently and improve the ability to heal the player successfully when knocked down.