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  • 3 Reasons To Convince You: Final Fantasy XIV Is The Best Extension
    Time: Jul. 29, 2019

    Final Fantasy XIV launched its latest expansion, Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers CD Key, on July 2, 2019. This anticipated expansion has certainly gained notoriety and perhaps even surpassed, which makes it one of the biggest additions to FFXIV to date. Here are three reasons why Shadowbringer is the best Final Fantasy XIV expansion you've found.

    1. The occupation of the character

    The characters continue to play an important role in the games, as they help advance the story. In FFXIV, the Warrior of Light always has the Scions and several other memorable NPCs that make the story as wonderful as it is. With Shadowbringers, we see the introduction of new characters more than remarkable. As already mentioned, there is a new Ascia called Emet-Selch in this extension. His personality shapes every scene in which he finds himself due to his sarcastic nature and his spirit. Almost everything it does, except for subsequent events, makes you laugh.

    2. You are really the warrior of the light

    Until now, much of the game, as fun and amazing as it was, felt like you were just moving. It changed with the Shadowbringers. With the story, the music, the characters and the new search methods, you finally feel as deep as possible in the game world.

    Scene editing even provides you with a series of dialog options that allow you to react to intense moments. With a plot as complex as Shadowbringers of Final Fantasy XIV, the feeling that you are your character makes this extraordinary game even more fun.

    3. Eternal history

    The entire story of Final Fantasy XIV was developed from beginning to end. Well, the Shadowbringers decided that it was time to completely change opinions about what is good and what is wrong.

    Now you have a member of this rebel race, portrayed as a real and viable being with human emotions. Ascians do not want destruction because of destruction. they just want to go home For the first time in history, you wonder what it really means to be good or bad.