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  • 6 Tips to make your Windows 10 better!
    Time: Dec. 2, 2019

    Nearly one billion computers worldwide use Windows 10. Some users like it, others hate it. Some experts estimate that Windows 10 dominates almost 40% of the desktop operating system market and so far exceeds the popularity of Windows 7.

    By the way, are you still using Windows 7? Microsoft ends the 10-year operating system support in January.

    Under the motto "Update your world," Microsoft has designated Windows 10 as a "final" version. Instead of replacing the operating system every few years, Windows 10 users have been able to download free updates. With the return of the Start menu and the arrival of Microsoft Edge, Windows 10 is probably the best version ever produced.

    Windows 10, however, is not perfect. The latest updates have brought very serious errors and errors that have destroyed essential features and have brought users the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death".

    The operating system also has some peculiarities that have sounded good in corporate meetings, but the vast majority of users find this selection odd, shameful and uncomfortable.

    How to improve your experience with Windows 10?

    1. Take control of updates and restarts

    Windows can install updates. This process is simple and automatic. The bad news is that you generally have to restart your computer and don't know when a new update will suddenly download.

    To avoid these unexpected interruptions, go to the configuration menu and configure the time parameters. This will not update your computer during "active hours."

    2. Limit Cortana interactions

    Like other virtual assistants, Cortana is still waiting for the alarm clock. Unfortunately, a programming error can cause hackers to invade a Windows 10 computer using Cortana's voice commands, even if it is locked. Anyone can issue Cortana voice commands and force malware download.

    You can prevent Cortana from compromising your data by removing Cortana from its lock screen and teaching you to answer only your voice.

    3. Use a PIN as an identifier

    You can lock your computer with a long and complex password or reset it with a simple PIN. Your PIN code has only four digits and does not require complex parameters such as special characters or upper and lower case letters. Of course, it is less secure, but a PIN code makes unlocking easier.

    4. Change the size of your Start menu as a professional

    The Start menu acts as a hub for everything you do in Windows 10. For this reason, the default representation may seem a bit boring. Users often complained about the size of the Start menu and never realized that it could be customized.

    Run Windows drag and drop to solve the problem. Click on the Start menu and move the cursor to the top of the icon until it appears as a two-sided arrow. Click, hold and drag to change the menu size to your preferred size and release the button.

    5. Play DVD easily and for free

    To date, you have probably noticed that Windows 10 does not play DVD and that Windows Media Player has been removed. Although Microsoft offers an official DVD playback option, this feature costs $15 and seems to have persistent problems.

    Fortunately, there is a better option to watch DVDs quickly and for free: the VLC video player.

    6. Mute all annoying ads

    Depending on your configuration, Windows may begin to announce what you are playing with a real voice. Windows also records and recites the text entered in the Cortana search box.

    To turn off the speaker, you can press CTRL + Windows + Enter or press Exit in the speaker setup application. To prevent accidental activation of the narrator, return to Settings> General and clear the Enable shortcut to start the narrator check box. Problem solved.