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  • ‘A Few Good Soldiers' Started in Battlefield V
    Time: Jan. 21, 2019

    With the beginning of the content chapter after the launch, the first event of the Lightning Strikes chapter also starts, ‘A Few Good Soldiers’. In total, DICE has scheduled five events for Lightning Strikes and the first Battlefield 5 event will take place over the next two weeks. It offers a new game mode and two new Weekly Challenges.


    The event ‘A Few Good Soldiers’ of Battlefield V Origin CD Key will run until January 30, when it ends, the second event "Hold the line" will begin. ‘A Few Good Soldiers’ focuses on a new game mode that will only be available during the event, Squad Conquest. This mode is essentially a miniature conquest game mode with only two teams of four players on each side. Both teams will try to claim three objective websites for three new map variants. DICE has assembled three specially compressed versions of existing Battlefield 5 maps for Squad Conquest, with versions available for Arras, Hamada and Rotterdam.



    This event is also the first opportunity for players to earn the Lightning Strikes XP chapter, which counts towards their chapter rank and allows you to unlock up to 40 different unique rewards. It is also the first opportunity to work on new special tasks. When the event ends, Squad Conquest will be inavailable. Therefore, make sure you get in as much time as possible in the next two weeks. DICE said that if the fans reacted positively to the mode, it could return to the game for a long term.