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  • All you need to know about GRID
    Time: Oct. 24, 2019

    Grid DAY ONE Edition Steam Key Global is the next racing game developed and published by Codemasters. This is the eleventh game in the series and this new entry is supposed to be a restart since the first title released in 2008 was called Race Driver: Grid.

    Based on comments from fans, Codemasters has returned to its roots and is trying to develop a more accessible career simulation, combined with arcade-style options that not only attract unconditional fans.

    Codemasters confirmed that there were no microtransactions involved and that only new cars and new races had to be paid to download the content; The tracks are free.

    If you do not want to pay for additional content, you can borrow it with virtual money. However, this will reduce the money you have earned during your virtual career.

    What is the grid?

    Grid is a mix of racing simulators and arcade racing players. Codemasters has tried to reconcile the two game styles to make them more accessible to a newer audience.

    The game includes four regions: Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. In total, there are 12 routes and eight routes in four cities, resulting in 92 routes. These can be carried out during the day or at night and with additional climatic effects such as rain.

    Should the grid always be online?

    To play Grid, you can play offline or online because the entire campaign race is available offline. But to play against other racing players, you must be online.

    What are the multiplayer modes available in Grid?

    There are two options for the races. One is a quick game in which players can participate directly in a game through pairing and is broken down by difficulty level. There will also be a rotating selection of titles based on community feedback.

    The second option allows players to create their own multiplayer events, giving them full control over which routes to include, what kinds of vehicles can be used and even at what time of day.

    Both modes are fully playable with your friends.