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  • ARK: Survival Evolved announces that the free DLC will arrive with a new card this summer
    Time: Mar. 9, 2020

    ARK Survival Evolved Steam is a game that makes me feel dramatic every day depending on which side of the bed I get up. Some days, I am in love with the stunning fantasy world, happy to spend my free time while building an even bigger fortress of solitude with a handful of dinosaurs that I have raised since childhood.


    Today is definitely a good day for ARK Survival Evolved Steam, as they read ads from the Steam community so everyone knows there is a new card for the popular base game ARK: Survival Evolved. community based called ISO: Crystal Isles.



    Originally published in 2016, Crystal Isles offers a wonderful combination of biomes and flat areas that offers every small tribe looking for a new map to explore and die. this is a convenient place to trample where their bodies are scattered everywhere. Forgotten monoliths are the time when good ideas are poorly implemented.



    It should come out in a few months, which means that Studio Wildcard developers will probably work with the three developers responsible for the card. Steam users "Isolde Gaming", "Lillian" and "iSPEZZ" put a good amount of varnish on the cards before releasing them.



    In addition to the Crystal Islands, there are also four modifications selected by Studio Wildcard to provide the developers with financial study support.



    The ending is a classic that many already know: castles, fortresses and fortresses: remastered. With this mod, players can build huge and spacious castles with a variety of plans.