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  • "ARK: Survival Evolved" Got A New Valguero Map
    Time: Aug. 5, 2019

    Studio Wildcard has added a new equipment to ARK Survival Evolved Steam CD Key, which explores a new country that they simply call "Valguero". The last update of the game took place four months ago with the Homestead additions, but it is a completely new beast because you have plenty of room to work with the Deinonychus. A new dinosaur with different terrains.

    The ARK Expansion Map: "Valguero" contains:

    * Advanced exploration: More than 63 square kilometers of new territories and oceans to explore!

    * Summits and valleys: Eight biomes characterized by different climates and dangers: easily navigate the dangers of the Skeleton Canyon, admire the twin peaks or find traces of the past in the Lost Temple.

    * Threats Threats to bosses: a boss arena where players of this triple threat face an epic battle against a megapithecus, a manticore and a dragon. Face the known dangers in the last phase of the game Boss faces in a very different way!

    * New dinosaur - Deinonychus: Hit the evil Deinonychus! Use speed and agility as a bird of prey to jump from one wall to another in search of high observation points to wait for prey. This controversial animal is brave and hunting, its prey is much larger than itself, it clings to the back of a larger dinosaur with its crescent-shaped claws when it begins to eat, even before its victim does not die.

    * In the ditches: a vast network of caves where you can immerse yourself in unexplored areas, with different themes and benefits, including the Great Aberration Gap.

    * Ancient secrets: explore the scattered ruins of the forgotten survivors of Valguero.