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  • Battlefield V's New Map Brings Towering Cliffsides And Fast-Paced Carnage
    Time: Aug. 7, 2019

    The first shots of Battlefield V Origin CD Key after launch focused on history and special game modes, with just one big card with a tank theme breaking the rhythm. Fans waited impatiently in the coming months for new battlefields.

    Marita, which was released on July 30, is a tribute to the true battle of Greece, which took place in 1941. It consists of several places, including a small vineyard, a ruined bridge and a high mountain complex. The first new Battlefield V map, the tank turret, was extremely large and not always excellent to play when you don't drive in tanks.

    Marita follows this last approach with some changes. The official website of Battlefield V mentions maps such as Battlefield 1 Lukow Pass and Brusilov Castle, but I think the best comparison would be the claustrophobic and popular forest of Argentina. Marita has a gap between the initial control points. However, when the mountain path rises, the terrain is more difficult to navigate and there is a risk of being shot from the top.

    This can lead to a frustrating experience of the attacking team. Mercury was an agitated battlefield of ruined and abandoned houses that favored close encounters, even when snipers could hide in the mountains. The uphill march of Maritas is not as balanced and it seems that the defense team, thanks to the terrain, has certain advantages.

    Marita seems to be a confirmation of a philosophy that has evolved for the design of Battlefield V key. Whether through temporary game modes such as "Fortress" mode or cards like Mercury and Marita, larger maps such as Battlefield 1 Sinai or Battlefield 4 Lancang have been abandoned.

    Marita is an extension of this philosophy, a type of seamless meat grinder through which players can take root.