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  • Be careful of this issue when using Microsoft Windows 10
    Time: Oct. 21, 2019

    I feel Microsoft Windows 10 users for you. After a series of frustrating, limiting, chaotic and quite strange update problems, one of the worst updates has returned for some time.

    TechDows and MSPoweruser warned that update KB4517389 (which already had problems with the boot menu, search and browser) was now causing the dreaded blue screen of death on some PCs.

    Currently, the cause is unclear when users cite blue screen errors of death with cldflt.sys, affinity applications, etc. However, everyone noticed that uninstalling KB4517389 corrects the problem, which updates the source to resolve this problem that is already problematic. Needless to say, the problem with a BSOD error is that you may not have the opportunity to return to your desktop.

    KB4517389 has already been introduced for millions of users. For the hundreds of millions of people who have not yet received it, you can use the Show or Hide Microsoft Updates tool to prevent installation on your PC.

    But perhaps Microsoft's attitude towards KB4517389 is the most worrisome. Although the previous problems with the update have been confirmed, the official KB4517389 page continues: "Microsoft is not having any problems with this update." Enter a world full of wounds.

    With Microsoft, the company is in the process of making fundamental changes to Windows 10 updates. However, the company's error review processes during testing remain a matter of concern.