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  • Be Mayor and Build Your City From Scratch on SimCity
    Time: Jul. 9, 2020

    You really have to build a new high school, add houses, and take care of the giant monster that demolished the town hall this week. This is life in SimCity Complete Edition, which comes with additional expansion packs.


    SimCity Complete Edition puts you in the role of mayor of your own city, rebuilding it from scratch and trying to make it work no matter what happens.


    As in all cities, you will have problems that must be solved. Roads must be built and expanded, services, medical care, water and electricity must be provided, accessible to all, and you must find a way to earn money for your city without getting into debt.


     All of this is packaged in attractive packaging that lives up to the SimCity tradition. Great graphics, energetic music and addictive gameplay attract you. Camera controls and systems respond quickly and a helpful tutorial shows you the basics in less than 20 minutes.


    Even if you're new to SimCity or have taken a long break from the series, it's easy to get involved. Once you have been named and your city has been established, it is compelling to take the next level, reach the next population marker, upgrade your buildings, and complete quests for bonuses.


    Unfortunately, there are ironing folds. The cards appear smaller than they should and you will find that you want to expand a larger area. The game invites you to continually improve your city to accommodate the growing population.