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  • Borderlands 3: A Whole Damn Rollercoaster Hiding
    Time: Oct. 11, 2019

    It is very easy to overlook things that are hidden under the nose, especially in a video game the size of Borderlands 3 Epic CD Key. I managed to find, for example, the microbrewery dungeon, which is completely optional. But I completely missed these fully functional roller coasters that you can drive, despite the dozens of hours I spent playing.

    The roller coaster is not even so well hidden. It is in Splinterlands, a region of Pandora, that you will visit later in the game to save another character. When you arrive in Splinterlands in the middle of a chain of missions where you drive a lot, it is tempting to participate in the main mission destination, a store on the map, and ignore everything else. Also, Pandora is a desert, so you can't see many on the road.

    But completists know that the desert is where you will find interesting things. You can find it by accident or if you have a habit of finding a Typhoon protocol hidden on each map. If you do, you will end up at the bottom of a staircase near the center of Splinterlands.

    As it is Borderlands, there are men who have to shoot first, but when you pass, you can ride the roller coaster, shoot the lever that throws them and have fun reaching the targets on the track. If you hit them all, a piece with sweet prey will open.

    All you have to do is stay out of the direct path while searching for history and you will find it. But maybe, like me, you didn't see it until someone showed you kindness. If I can save you the worry of losing you a roller coaster that you thought would not exist, it is worth it.