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  • Borderlands 3: Newest Weapon Pays Tribute to Destiny
    Time: Nov. 28, 2019

    Players found in Borderlands 3 a new legendary weapon: the good Juju. Players familiar with First Destiny or Destiny 2 should recognize this name as a unique game in Bad Juju, an exotic weapon in both games.

    The good Juju of Borderlands 3 has a lot to do with Destiny's bad destiny. Both weapons have a monster shell on the front: Destiny 2 is a skull and Borderlands 3 is an alien garbage. Both weapons also have a similar advantage, which allows the victim to reload his weapon immediately. Like Bad Juju, Good Juju is a stable multi-lap weapon with excellent statistics.

    If the appearance, function and name do not affect the clear tribute of Gearbox to Bungie, read the text on Good Juju's weapons profile. The good Juju comes with the text "wants to end somehow with the whole existence".

    Borderlands 3 players can retrieve the weapon in The Rampager at the new difficulty level Mayhem 4. The weapon seems quite strong in Borderlands 3 and appears to be more reliable than the average weapon. However, Joltzdude139 states in his critics that the weapon does not match the quality of Mayhem 4.

    But the weapon that emulates Good Juju can handle almost all Destiny 2 tasks. Fans love Bad Juju from the first Destiny. While the benefits may not be as attractive as those of other exotic weapons, Bad Juju charges the carrier's super capacity over time and dramatically reloads the magazine: the weapon is very reliable. Fans love Bad Juju because it can be used in almost any situation and you can still benefit from it.