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  • Borderlands 3: Return of Fan-Favorite Character
    Time: Nov. 18, 2019

    Borderlands 3 was recently bothered by the fact that it would reveal its first DLC campaign story on November 20 of this month.

    That day, Gearbox will give PS4, Xbox One and PC players their first look at the first DLC campaign of the game we don't know. In addition, many expect us to obtain a departure date for the DLC.

    That said, it's not what fans say, it's a joke that makes loot fans go crazy over speculation. Specifically, in an article announcing the release date mentioned above, Gearbox included a new screenshot of the game with Handsome Jack, which suggested to many players that the villain could be part of the downloadable content of the first story after the start of the game.

    Borderlands 3 undoubtedly contains Handsome Jack, suggesting that the villain will play a role in the next DLC. However, what role will it be where fans seem not to find an agreement.

    Most likely, the DLC simply includes the handsome Jack AI. We may also see Timothy Lawrence, the doppelganger of Handsome Jack and the doppelganger of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. As expected, villain fans are delighted to see the character again. However, many do not want Gearbox to return the character for a variety of reasons.

    Borderlands 3 is very much in many ways. This statement applies from the beginning of the game until you play full days. There are many weapons, many ways to distract you, many jokes and many times when you have the impression that they are only different people who yell at you. Under this avalanche of absolutely everything, is the radiant spectacle of an attacker-shooter, the highlight of the enriching and stimulating qualities linked by that story.