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  • Developer of The Sims 4 says that they didn't try to make student loans fun
    Time: Dec. 17, 2019

    There is nothing better than the fear of knowing your salary, and part of the growth in income is almost completely part of a growing debt that you can never pay in your life.

    Discover Sim was recently launched in The Sims 4 Discover University DLC Origin Key, an animated expansion where players can experience the fantasy of university life. There are things you expect: homework, parties and bedrooms. But because The Sims are trying to simulate real life, developers knew they had to take out student loans, which unfortunately are often a pillar of the university experience.

    "Money management is a skill that most new college students learn while attending school, so it is a story and experience we wanted to share with our players as part of this package," said Stephanie Tran, producer of The Sims 4, by email. "We also wanted players who wanted to live at home or just started in college, and loans allow."

    The question was: what pressure should student loans really put on the player? At an early stage, student loans were not particularly burdensome, but the team realized that it would not be difficult enough to make them that way. Maxis, therefore, decided to add some flavor to Repo-man. This character appears when players take too long to pay off their student loans.

    However, it must be bad enough before the deposit is involved. Tuition fees are required to attend a university, which players can pay out-of-pocket if they have money. But if they don't have the funds, players can get a loan with a very reasonable interest rate of 5%, and they don't have to pay it while the sim is enrolled in the school. Once this is done, regular payments must be made or, otherwise, collections will begin. At this point, the player can charge his Sim. Repo-man does not take long to appear and take away household items as punishment.

    If a Sim dies accidentally, the money will be charged immediately... unless the Sim is too poor. Here the game becomes solid for the player simply by canceling the remaining debt. In return, the surviving Sims receive a Moodlet "Poverty" marker, which has a negative effect on the character's disposition depending on the relationship with the dead Sim.

    Players can experience extreme debt if they want to play this devastating experience on paper, but must actively push for it.