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  • Do you have fun with World War Z?
    Time: Jul. 26, 2019

    Searching corpses in World War Z Epic Key Global, a zombie shooter based on that one Brad Pitt movie from 2013, is never fun. Instead, it's a recurring scavenger hunt where the key to a locked door is on the corpse of an employee or security guard. During one of these key hunts, my co-op teammates and I seek out the six Very Special Corpses who aren't up and running around, and then press E on their bodies. These hunts play out the same way every time: the last body I searched had the key.

    It's weird to get a videogame based off a movie five years after the fact. Still, it's even weirder that World War Z takes inspiration from the 2013 movie when Max Brooks's best selling 2006 novel is just sitting right there, full of amazing stories of survival and human drama. The only nod to the book is the "Lobo," a special shovel-based melee weapon invented by Marines that becomes standard-issue in the rebuilt American Army. In World War Z, the Lobo is DLC for players who pre-ordered the special edition.

    World War Z's campaign spans the world, following different sets of four characters trying to survive in the United States, Israel, Russia, and Japan. I liked getting to hop around the world to different campaigns. Switching things up between sparse desert and frozen Russian streets makes the story feel bigger and more universal.

    World War Z game key plays like Left 4 Dead or Vermintide or Overkill's Walking Dead. I joined three other players in walking, shooting, and scavenging for ammo and health. We opened gates and tried not to get pounced, poisoned, or snatched by powerful special enemies.

    There is exactly one thing that World War Z borrowed from the movie that works: huge zombie hoards. There's a part in the movie where CGI zombies climb over each other to hop the huge concrete walls surrounding Jerusalem. During massive hoard fight events in World War Z, zombies that get stopped by fences or walls pile up, then climb each other and surge over them.