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  • Do you think Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 can surpass FIFA 2020 this year?
    Time: Aug. 19, 2019

    FIFA has long been the giver of football matches. Although some rates have disappointed, this is one of the best selling games every year. However, a former rival reappeared in 2019.

    Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, while the jokes and the poor man's soccer game question FIFA's reign, is about to conquer the crown this year.

    With the launch of Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Steam Key Global on September 10, two weeks before FIFA 20, fans will be delighted and will become the best football game in the city.

    PES has existed for years in the shadow of FIFA, but the Japanese gaming company has laid the groundwork this year to create a gaming experience far superior to that of FIFA.

    EA is very accommodating and assumes that his license monopoly is sufficient to justify his laziness with improvements in the game. Now, however, the PSA has largely resisted.

    They sought the exclusive rights of Juventus and were successful, which means that the eighth Italian defending champion was not represented in FIFA 20, but was replaced by the ridiculous Piemonte Calcio. They relied on this agreement by establishing new partnerships with Bayern Munich and Manchester United, as well as renovations with Barcelona, ​​Arsenal and Celtic.

    The focus on improving the playability of PES 2020, both online and offline, could turn your cult membership into a global fandom. The slower game is particularly suitable for the strict control of the ball, which gives the game a soft and intuitive feeling.

    The improvements in the physics engine allow for a deeper gaming experience. With an improved physics of the ball and first unique touches, the authentic feeling that developers are looking for is evident.