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  • Escape From Tarkov may finally work properly
    Time: Oct. 31, 2019

    Fans of hardcore survival shooter Escape From Tarkov Key are planning a big update. Battlestate developers call it the most important in the history of the game.

    Even if you haven't played Tarkov yet, you may have heard Battlestat's story that he criticized his critics. Many players have focused on the connectivity problems of the game, which have affected the beta since its launch a few years ago. This new update introduces the game into a new version of the Unity engine, which indicates that developers have been able to perform a "serious work of optimizing network and server components", correct errors and implement new graphical improvements.

    Despite all this, Escape From Tarkov has established itself as one of the leading tactical shooters in the market, with ballistic and weapon modification systems unprecedented. Battlestate's approach to survival is unique. The developers have developed Tarkov as a game based on sessions in which players run the risk of losing the equipment they put on the card. Players appear and fight against enemies controlled by human and human intelligence, who complete missions and then move towards the exit of the map. There is also an update system similar to a traditional role play based on basic statistics and benefits.

    The regeneration rate will be directly related to the internal management of the cache: the construction and improvement of different areas, the creation and use of consumer goods. Here, players can increase their stocks, create first aid kits and cartridges, organize a complete shooting post, use food, water and medicines, build a Bitcoin farm, etc. The functionality of the cache is completed and improves over time.

    Although I don't want to take my own projectiles and set up a GPU farm for my game motto, it's a good break from what was essentially a series of spreadsheets in earlier versions of the game.