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  • FIFA 20 gets a huge update, Career Mode issues and bugs fixed
    Time: Oct. 17, 2019

    It promised big changes and the most complete soccer game ever played on the console, but the start of FIFA 20 months ago was not easy. Now a new patch has arrived to dispel the concerns of the most passionate fans of the Mega series.

    In career mode, several corrections have been made. For example, full international tournaments that have not been activated during the season or computer-controlled teams that send inappropriate equipment from their player list.

    Here are some other Career Mode fixes:
    * Managers were sometimes fired when they had very good records.
    * Several corrections to the questions asked during press conferences.
    * The Carabao Cup falsely started overtime in the semifinal instead of a direct archery.
    * An indicator that indicates which equipment the player controlled was missing on some screens.
    * Fixed issues with teams that qualified for the different stages of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.
    * Transfers that include both a transfer fee and an exchange of players do not reflect the exchange of players in the associated transfer news.
    * There was no email notification about the receipt of the product of the sales clause.
    * The transaction screen did not correctly reflect the amount paid in a sales commission after the transfer of a player in question.
    * The inbox link was not displayed correctly in the days of the press conference.
    * Recently registered young players need time too often.
    * Various topics related to news articles.

    * Several text problems that affect Ligue 1.

    In other places, the legendary AI has been improved, the goalkeepers and the physical feat have been improved.

    FIFA 20 Origin CD Key is always an exciting football match. With the introduction of Streetstyle Volta mode, this beautiful game will be a welcome addition to this generation.