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  • Football Manager 2019: Will Frank Lampard succeed in Chelsea?
    Time: Aug. 21, 2019

    Frank Lampard is the new Chelsea coach. Can Football Manager 2019 tell us how the club legend will evolve during his tenure?

    Some parties have tried to follow the leadership of the leadership leadership coach during the last decade, for example, the FIFA official, but none have succeeded. Instead, they fell into the water, the Sports Interactive simulator is still the best. There is a good reason for that. Sports Interactive uses an extensive network of explorers around the world to collect accurate data about players and their potential. The tactical elements are far superior to all others.

    This means that Football Manager has been able to reasonably predict the future of football for several players and coaches. Given the turbulence in Chelsea this summer, I found ... interesting to see how club legend Frank Lampard could face his youth team because club legends that are successful in management are rare.

    Before the arrival of Lampard, Maurizio Sarri Eden Hazard was sold to Real Madrid before settling in Juventus. However, there is a question that concerns everyone; Can Lampard cope with the pressure exerted by the Premier League leadership in the club that makes him the man he is today?

    Lampard and Sarri have exchanged jobs in this fictional but incredibly realistic world of football. Yes, that means Sarri is now in the Derby County Championship. It doesn't really reflect what happens in real life, but I didn't want to manipulate the database too much. It also means that Allegri is still in Juventus, Hazard has jumped to Madrid and Gianfranco Zola is still Lampard's assistant.

    Now that Lampard is responsible for the Chelsea soccer coach, it's time to see how long he will be responsible for the boys in blue and if he will have the opportunity to succeed before receiving the boot.