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  • Gathering Storm: Ottomans Are Prepared For War in Civilization VI
    Time: Jan. 24, 2019

    According to the official announcement, the Ottomans have a series of unique units and abilities to get Domination victory. The unique ability of Suleiman, the Grand Vizier, unlocks Ibrahim, a new governor available only to the Ottomans.

    The unique ability of the Ottoman, Great Turkish Bombard, stimulates the production of siege units and combat strength. In addition, conquered cities do not lose inhabitants or the benefits of services and loyalty bonuses when they are under Ottoman's control. The Ottomans have a unique building: the Grand Bazaar, which replaces the bank in commercial Huband and adds additional equipment and strategic resources to the city.

    Gathering Storm will be available in Civilization VI Steam CD Key for Windows on February 14. In addition to new civilians and leaders, the game will include a range of new and improved features, including advanced technologies and the return of the World Congress. In particular, Gathering Storm will be the first game of the franchise to present an ecosystem of the living world that displays natural events that can enrich or challenge its growing empire.