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  • Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s first big update arrives this week
    Time: Nov. 19, 2019

    The long journey to the Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Breakpoint begins next week. The first of the two updates of the title is scheduled for November. The developers of Ubisoft Paris have also asked fans to participate in a detailed study of the game to improve their tactical shooter, otherwise, a clearer separation from the other offers in the Tom Clancy range.

    While the new missions and other content are coming with the next update of the title, the focal point for breaking point rehabilitation seems to be in the survey after the start. Over the next two weeks, players will be asked to prioritize their highest expectations. The official Ghost Recon subtitle shows that players want a full drone adaptation and return to some basic game settings they enjoyed in Ghost Recon: Wildlands 2017.

    Certainly, traveling quickly at Breakpoint is an option acquired immediately and easy to use, but the fact that you cannot walk a mile without killing a few wandering thugs is a major obstacle to exploring the open world. The wildlands had a possibility of variable recognition when driving a vehicle, from completely exposed to mostly hidden. In Breakpoint, it doesn't matter, and it's not just an obstacle to the game that breaks even the immersion when you think about the role Stealth should play in the series.

    For the moment, on Tuesday, November 12, players at the stop points will improve their endurance and may change their firing position when they hide. It seems strange to present this granular as an important improvement in the quality of life, but that is all. In addition, Tuesday's patch adds two narrative missions related to the Breakpoint Homesteader and Outcast factions. Later this month, another title update is planned, which promises non-specific optimizations and bug fixes.

    In a broader sense, players are interrupting the game by decoupling the game from a scoring score that looks too much like Division 2 and other shooters. However, how it will work is an open question, given how many changes and improvements to weapons and equipment are related to Breakpoint's micro transaction economy, where almost anything can be purchased.

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