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  • Gloria Victis: Siege is on Steam
    Time: Apr. 9, 2020

    Make supplies and manage resources during the day, cross the city at dusk. It will face famine, injury, disease and despair, as well as mounting tensions between civilians and the city's latest defenders.


    Proud of their land of plenty, Midlanders dread the days to come. Shortly before harvest, dozens of Drakkars reached the shores of the central plateau and brought in hordes of thieves from the frozen north - Ismir.


    The attackers devastated the country: they looted supplies, burned villages and left traces of peasant blood. The surviving civilians hid behind the city walls, hoping to be rescued by the armed forces.


    The fate of this country is now in your hands. Can you support the last defenders of the castle long enough to wait for the rescue?



    Gloria Victis: key features of Siege:


    1.A new perspective on medieval warfare - a unique insight into the castle siege, shown from the perspective of citizens fighting for their lives every day.


    2.Sound decisions: In wartime, no option is purely good or bad.


    3.Built-in level and story editor: A comprehensive development kit is provided that allows users to tell their own stories or recreate events from the world history of Gloria Victis.


    4.Memorable atmosphere: realistic images and a fantastic soundtrack by Marcin Przybyłowicz and Magdalena Urbańska make Gloria Victis: victories a truly moving experience.


    5.Endure the Siege - Find ways to conserve food and develop your infrastructure to use your supplies more efficiently.



    Gloria Victis: Siege - a survival resource management game in the style of This War of Mine in the medieval world of Gloria Victis.