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  • Island Living's expansion of The Sims 4 is an oasis of escapism
    Time: Oct. 8, 2019

    The Sims 4 have been systematically strengthened and improved since its launch in 2014 with new expansion packages and games. Sometimes, this complementary content revolves around an important feature, such as the Strangerville scenario, the Vampire system or the mechanics of fame. The latest addition, Island Living, is different and focuses less on a mechanism than on the feeling of a particular place.


    The Sims 4 Island Living Origin CD Key places players in Sulani, the first world of the Sims 4 to be built using the new field tools of the game.

    1. Escape from the city



    This expansion package seems more optional than some of the other Sims 4 updates. The new content is very focused on Sulani and creates the perfect vacation on the island. Similar to the previous urban expansion "City Living", "Island Living" implies implementing a basic concept in different ways.



    If you are fascinated by the idea of ​​a perfect island oasis, Maxis has done a great job creating Sulani and his people. The island can be influenced by the local population and unpredictable weather. Over time, the Sims eliminate pollution and their unique climate includes both the sunny sky and the monsoon.

    2. New toy in the sandbox



    Island Living has added a series of small tools to help you tell these cute dollhouse style stories. Mermaids are a very simple hidden type compared to vampires. They have no capacity trees or major social disadvantages.



    There is a new job from the local career, The Conservationist, with two branches and unique reward features. Fishing techniques have been completely redesigned, as well as new part-time jobs related to the island and secondary aspects as an instructor and lifeguard. There are new cosmetic products. Sims can tan. Houses can be built on pile foundations. And players can learn more about the specific culture, customs and traditions of Sulani. Sims who adopt the new "Children of the Islands" function become more alert when participating in specific Sulani activities.

    3. Leave everything behind



    Maxis has made a version of the Sims 4 that seems more relaxing and reassuring than a more manic and exaggerated version. It is also more attractive than its predecessors.



    This is the first time in a Sims game that there is an initial couple consisting of two women and the first time a gay family starts with a child.



    All this makes the new Sims 4 Island Living extension an ideal escape oasis for me. The news is a nightmare, I always have to worry about real tasks and things can seem very dark. Island Living continues to be excellent for The Sims 4, which makes it a refuge in the storm. Sims can be ridiculous and exaggerated, but Island Living has managed to create a very credible escape that is both pleasant and relaxing.