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  • Need for Speed Heat: Quality and Quantity have been destroyed?
    Time: Nov. 21, 2019

    I certainly believe that Need for Speed Heat Origin Key contains a good game, but it's like a golden streak that you can follow for a few meters before disappearing in layers of squeaks, forced waiting times and unexpected jerks.

    There are some things that Heat does very well. On the one hand, many of its routes have very hidden shortcuts, and it is always a pleasure to find a side street or a hidden smart way that saves a few seconds. Finding the ideal circuit is a satisfying task, complicated by what distinguishes your car.

    A drift machine can save time by sweeping a fork on a gravel and dirt deck on the side of the road, while an SUV turns completely. A perfectly adapted road car is the best solution when braking during withdrawal and accelerates from the top.

    There is also room for a lot of emotion. When the cops deal with your case at night and their reinforcements begin to wreak havoc, it is fun and exciting, tense and overwhelming when you try one tactic at a time to shake them. If it does not work on the road, it will cross the city streets to lose them in the maze of intersections and buildings. If they are still on you, you can try to reduce the risk by driving them into traffic or pushing them from a dock. If you deviate from it and receive a massive "call" multiplier, you will have the impression of escaping from God.

    And it is more fun than usual because these bulls are void. This is one of Heat's strangest and most unexpected things: it takes up the illusion of the Forza Horizon series and then adds a corrupt and violent police service. They came directly from Rise of the Warrior Cop, a group of "tactical" bandits who terrorize their community under the pretext of a severe crime, "law and order."

    I would like to continue playing with all these things. But heat is supposed to avoid their attempts at concentration. Because it is a modern arcade racing game, you need a minute of exciting fun to wander aimlessly through deserted streets or navigate through various progression systems for every minute of exciting fun.

    Arcade racing games are designed to be "just full, just killers." This is a depressing side effect of the success of Burnout: Paradise. Paradise was exciting because it was a new and innovative approach to arcade racing in its day, when it combined this genre with the increasingly popular environment of the open world. But this change included many commitments that the genre really did not expect, but many explanations that so many arcade runners feel bored and dead when they arrive.