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  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2020: Will it be a game worth playing?
    Time: Aug. 14, 2019

    Konami has launched the eFootball: Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 Steam Key demo, also known as PES 2020. Den Of Geek has spent a few hours on PS4 to make a first impression. The demo allows you to play game programs locally or online. You can choose from 13 teams, including big names like Barcelona, ​​Juventus, Manchester United, Arsenal and Bayern Munich.

    The days when I only had one or two teams with a full license are over. The contract with Juventus is an unprecedented contract. Italian icons are no longer part of FIFA 20.

    The old EA giant was still in our memories when we loaded Konami's last competitor, and we wondered if it was worth spending time with this new offer.

    In terms of gameplay, there is one thing that really stands out. While the game warns you on loading screens, there is a risk of passing or firing for the first time, especially for inexperienced teams: if you cannot control the ball or if it happens to you weird angle, there is a good chance that Your first pass or shot does not find the target. If you do not know that you are playing well enough for the person to hit a boat for the first time, you will discover that you have that extra touch instead of going straight to the action.

    Once you get used to the angle and dynamics of the camera, PES 2020 game key seems very playable. It is a waste of time, and there are some small features that make it great from the point of view of a FIFA player.

    Overall, it seems like a solid game. Although the experience he has gained playing the demonstration sounds a bit strange: there is no trace of comments and he always gets used to all the subtle differences between him and his last standing simulator of his choice - It is clear that Ball did not fall here.