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  • PUBG released the latest 4.3 update
    Time: Sep. 26, 2019

    PUBG Corp. announced the latest additions to Playerunknowns Battlegrounds with update 4.3 and the incorporation of Survival Mastery. The update itself adds a two-barrel DBS shotgun with a pumping action that can contain drops of 14 shots and can fire two shots per second. That is basically his way of finishing the scrum at the end of the game. New challenges and bug fixes have also been added, you can read more below.

    We are excited to introduce the Survival Mastery system, which allows players to develop their less lethal aspects of the PUBG game. This auxiliary weapon control system, which allows players to improve their shooting skills, also offers them new ways to express their personality on the battlefield with new PUBG rewards and credentials.

    Survival Mastery is a new progression system in which players increase their experience points based on their survival habits. The system works all the time without being affected by the seasons. The level limit to master survival is 500.

    Players can gain experience in the following situations:
    * Looting
    * Use of objects during combat
    * Combat
    * Rebirth of a teammate

    * Party chronology

    The following activities appear in the timeline along with other XP gain activities.
    * Landing point
    * Place where players perform certain actions
    * Damage caused and received
    * Distance traveled by a player with vehicles
    * Survival of the blue zone phases

    * Survival style that shows the players' playing style

    Survival Style follows its current style of play by analyzing the data of all players who play PUBG. It contains the following information:
    * Average duration of commitment
    * Average intervention distance
    * Looted items per game
    * Distance traveled per game
    * Hot drop rate
    * Damage suffered per game

    * The three best known features are shown