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  • Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips make you become a good cowboy
    Time: Nov. 7, 2019

    How to live like a real cowboy in the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, I believe that no tips can tell you exactly how to do this. We can't tell you how to deal with the various situations that have occurred, but this does not mean that we can't get any help. Here, we can share some experiences to help you become a better cowboy.

    1. Set immediate control of the horse

    Standard Horse Control is related to the position of the camera and I don't understand why. It may be logical for a joystick, but not for the four main directional buttons.

    Activate the "Associated horses" option and rotate this camera around your beautiful horse without bending the brain to determine what the W button does at a certain angle.

    2. Deactivate or reduce this setting to optimize the image.

    Red Dead 2 looks like America. But the United States is very complex and is a great explorer of raw materials. Red Dead 2 is the expected PC version we are talking about. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a frame rate greater than 60, but with dozens of options to adjust to know what parameters should be lowered or rotated. It is not easy to achieve the best performance.

    3. Unlock the fast trip in single player mode

    Cowboys could not google how to teleport a horse when. Red Dead 2 makes it easy for you and you should, mate. In other words, making the same long consecutive trip can be painful for a person.

    Quick trips are not available until you reach Chapter 2. You must invest a large amount of money to unlock it. Once you have set up the camp, go to the Dutch neighborhoods and update it at least once for $ 220. This way, you can buy a map update near Arthurs Neighborhood for $ 325. This allows you to travel quickly from the camp.

    4. Be totally crazy in Red Dead Online

    Red Dead Online offers a good selection of types of missions and activities, but the best way to play is based on your own terms. Find a populated city and play the role of a bartender, even if you don't have a bar. Shout the latest news around the corner. Take the microphone and play as.

    Red Dead Online is a giant cowboy dollhouse, an imaginative context for human interactions. Keep a stranger. Promote fun settings that go beyond simple shooting or a simplified conclusion. The potential is there, only more people remain.