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  • The Latest Trailer Lets You Know The New Chernobylite
    Time: Nov. 6, 2019

    The fear of atmospheric survival caused by Chernobylite in an alternative reality resumes the Chernobyl accident and the following years. The boundaries between the past and the present fade when players assume the role of a physicist who desperately tries to find answers for their missing loved ones, Tatyana.

    One of the great attractions of the game is that the team, to authenticate the environment, made excursions in the Chernobyl exclusion zone to reproduce as faithfully as possible region.

    Our game is developed by a small but very experienced team of 20 professionals working in the office, as well as in the dishonest areas of Chernobyl with laser scanning, photogrammetry, drones, film equipment, accessories and handmade costumes.

    The lastest trailer brings this feeling to the house and shows some real locations compared to its game counterparts. It is a beautiful but depressing look at one of the greatest man-made tragedies, the beautiful landscape, the bustling city of Pripyat, virtually deserted for more than three decades.

    Honestly, for a race of only 2:19, it's a pretty good view of the game. As the game is about to enter the early access phase, what we have seen so far looks promising.

    If sent to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Series, you're right. There are many similarities, including attitude. However, attention to detail and a more intimate gaming experience aim to put Chernobyl back on the map. Chernobylite wants to give us an experience we have never experienced before, and the developers are convinced that the goal is a realistic recovery.

    Chernobylite Steam Key will be available on whokeys.com for $ 22.87. Are you going to Chernobyl soon? Or do you give yourself some time to develop before diving?