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  • The Sims 4: Discover University – Enjoy the School Life
    Time: Nov. 26, 2019

    In 2017, the Sims 4 launched one of the most important game packages for families. Although he has been able to raise children with the basic game, Parenthood has developed storytelling skills by providing ways to influence the child's personality through more active parenting.

    In terms of schooling, he shaped the life of a Sim who was preparing for the first steps of adulthood.

    The Sims 4: Discover University is the most recent and most anticipated complete expansion package in the game. In terms of features and tasks from the perspective of the game, it is much more behind it, including a new world. However, the most significant addition is to build on the existing basics of the game and provide more ways to show the history of each Sims.

    The jump between the teenager and the young adult is sometimes a bit sudden: the period of high school simulations ends with a fanfare, which only happens when they grow up, because they are immediately forced to find a job. But during the study, it is a bit different.

    After submitting an application and choosing one of the two universities, the Britechester University of Art or Foxbury Institute Science and Technology, Sim enrolls in courses to earn credits in a course. Not only must you arrive on time for the courses, but you must also complete them, prepare for the presentations and study for the final exams.

    Here, the structure forces higher education to play. Your agency has more agencies dedicated to a general purpose as they strive to obtain the amount of credits needed to graduate.

    The core of the expansion is well designed and complements the rest of the game in terms of storytelling and overview. The university is open to all adults, so it is ideal for any sim who wants to change careers.

    In addition, university life has charm and reflects real life in many ways.

    Although the universities themselves have many small things to discover and discover, Britechester as a whole is not particularly interesting or attractive, but provides a useful backdrop for the strengths of the expansion package.

    Discover University is a generous package with much to do and experience. But the biggest attraction is that higher education is integrated with the rest of the game to give your Sims more opportunities to tell stories. This expansion is another success in a very good year for the franchise company. This is particularly interesting for players who like to come to the Sims to tell realistic stories.