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  • Though Good or bad, Borderlands 3 is a lot more Borderlands
    Time: Sep. 18, 2019

    We had to wait seven years to get a new game numbered in the Borderlands series, and almost five years after Borderlands: the pre-suite was supposed to keep us busy in the meantime. Now that we are in the retail business for a few days and have spent many hours in the game, we have seen how little has changed between Borderlands for better or for worse.

    On the positive side, this means that Borderlands 3 still offers the same kind of elegant, punctuated, varied and easy shooting experience that the series has always offered. As always, the game offers a seemingly infinite variety of completely different weapons in many aspects.

    When you access a new weapon that suits your style, the adrenaline rush is done so that most other shooters don't have to find another identical shotgun. And many weapons now have a secondary firing option that greatly increases the level of personal voting by offering new pros and cons.

    Elsewhere, I saw the leaders stand still before reaching their destination, or my minimap disappeared from the corner of the screen for a long time. And that's not to mention the unstable frame rates and occasional crashes I've seen so far on the PC.

    In the period prior to the launch of Borderlands 3, Gearbox repeatedly highlighted a series of user interface improvements that have been made to the series in recent years. And in any case, things like easier access to fast travel, the replenishment of all the ammunition available in stores with the press of a button and the ability to shoot rock outcrops or slide out of a race is enjoyable.