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  • Total War: Warhammer 2 - Prophet and Warlock
    Time: Jul. 31, 2019

    Total War WARHAMMER 2 Steam Key Legendary Lord's smaller packages have always been about rivalry, but few of them have such thematic themes as The Prophet and The Warlock. The gunsmith skaven Ikit Claw represents science in its most negative form: amoral and experimental without mercy. The lizard prophet Tehenhauin, however, is an emissary of the snake god Sotek and represents magic and religion.

    Tehenhauin's campaign is the continuation of this rivalry. Most parents of this rare red skink have been killed by a Skaven epidemic, as well as by the city of Chaqua. This caused a bitter hatred of human rats, as reflected in Tehenhauin's campaign mechanics. His ultimate goal is to manifest his God in the world, executing the prophecy of Sotek.

    The prophecy consists of three phases. You pass from one to another by owning your territory and sacrificing prisoners to Sotek, who can conquer you after winning battles. However, this undermines the other two options after the fight and makes it a less interesting option. Victims are spread over six levels and can unlock glory regiments, as well as temporary improvements or randomly generated objects.

    The unique trick of Ikit Claw is the forbidden workshop, a representation of the sports fans of the Skryre clan, who can help you improve your technological weapons. I channel my youth ambition to join a Harley gang and invest primarily in Doom Flayer. You can update them by giving them all the Vanguard deployment and a speed of +15%. Or making Warp Lightning random in close combat.

    These are not memorable and insignificant improvements. These are crazy and dangerous benefits that can create very powerful units. The last round of the workshop is the Warpstorm Doomrocket: miniature nuclear weapons that can be used in combat. It takes them a little time to land, so it is difficult to attack them, but they will kill more or less with a reasonable range of effects.

    This game has too many special things that you can't imagine. It will always surprise you, you will like this. Now join in Total War WARHAMMER 2 with me.