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  • Total War: Warhammer 2's DLC array teases "old friends"
    Time: Aug. 20, 2019

    There are two free contents. One is a new Legendary Lord and the other is another Old World update. All basic races of Total War WARHAMMER 2 now have a free legendary lord, so the newcomer can guess at will.

    Thanquol, a powerful gray light, is also a notable absence for the Skaven. As for the Old World update, Warhammer's Empire and Greenskins, I have to review it. Wait for the next Free Lord and possibly the Old World Update to appear in the next Lords package. It has been confirmed that we have at least one, and they still agree with some free content.

    But let's go back to these "old friends." Veterans will remember that Total Warhammer's original free DLC was completed with the release of an "old friend." It turned out that it was Krell, the former Chaos champion, resurrected by the lichemium master Heinrich Kemmler as king of the tanks.

    Krell is a classic Warhammer character and a fan favorite. It is reasonable to assume that "old friends" will be the same, except that there will be more than one, because that is how plurals work.

    Gotrek Gurnisson is a dwarf hunter and extremely unsuccessful in the sense that a hunter's goal is to die in combat, but Gotrek can't because he has too many nails. His partner reluctantly is the human poet Felix Jaeger. His Warhammer novel series is one of the longest and most popular, and there is no doubt that its inclusion in Total War WARHAMMER 2 Steam Key, if it were to come, would be enthusiastically received, and probably required a fascinating game mechanism.