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  • What do you think you can be in Mount And Blade Warband?
    Time: Aug. 22, 2019

    Elder Scrolls games inspire Zero Hero Fantasyists by presenting them as prisoners for each episode. Attached to a ship, locked in a dungeon and transported to the block with a prisoner's car.

    It is a beautiful tradition, the reincarnation of a pluralistic person who saves the world, always chained. But these games lack real determination. You are released immediately after you have almost no more time left. We will become the hero.

    In Mount And Blade Warband Steam Key, you spend days in a dungeon and the guards kick you.

    This happens when you are captured during a particularly difficult battle or siege. Most of this strange hybrid strategy of RPG has gone from fighting battle to battle to get repetitive NPC gentlemen or ping your feudal lords on a big horse. But when you are trapped, time passes without you.

    Small armies run across the map. The moon rises and falls. The guards return to your cell and pamper you with another story dialogue. Pay us all your hidden gold, ask for it and we will let it go.

    In this vague hope I could spend a week in the game, in which uberweltkarte's toy armies, like insects, dig around the hills and plains of the surrounding countryside. In Mount and Blade, you can become a lord of nothing, just as the prisoner of Elder Scrolls can become the hero of Kvatch. But in this stupid medieval simulation, you are even more likely to be off limits.