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  • What is Gloria Victis Game?
    Time: Jan. 6, 2020

    Fight with different players in a duel for the hand of a sensible woman. Participate in the attack and fight for castles, cities and urban networks. With the exception of security zones, the world has been established in PvP. So be careful when dangerous rascals surround you. Gloria Victis is a fantastic MMO set in a world of medieval sandbox and coordinated by the players.

    A non-combat oriented system is based on credibility, in which the arms, shields and procedures trade selects the winner. Basically, he travels to an immeasurable and unforgiving world, seen by scammers and implicated by terrifying beasts. There are no weapons in the hiding place of sticky wolves. It must certainly be done by skilled workers who sweat indefinitely against the iron of a metallurgist. Discover eight reasons to think of a true medieval trade and influence the world economy.

    Fantasy MMO

    I started to make my character a rebel with a scar and great hair! I would have called Chainflank, Stormfoe or Pikebane better if I hadn't had the chance! Similarly, I was not immediately exhausted with him, turning him into a thin idiot with a bowl hairstyle called Frumpalstilsken. When using quality alternatives, draw each of the competing priorities. Perseverance at the expense of quality.

    Quests and Personable

    Everything here has the possibility to buy from sellers in cities and colonies, or it was created with their own hands. Unfortunately, many important data are ignored when creating instructions. It is the usual insult to a repairman! However, the format and menus for this are inhuman and confusing. In addition, there is simply the additional hassle of collecting, especially when a certain type of shock is pursued!

    Animal and Monster Life

    Gloria Victis is medieval and is described by related traditions. Basically, it is the world of the Middle Ages in which people's trust and superstition are a reality. After that, the common-language animals are the same ones that, in general, are suddenly there. However, if you sit in a bar and talk about it, nobody will trust you.

    During this time, there has been an incredible religious, political and social change. The four playable countries of Gloria Victis are similar to the countries that actually existed in Europe at that time. In general, the story and the script continue to evolve.