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  • What's new in Wolfenstein Youngblood?
    Time: Aug. 15, 2019

    Wolfenstein Youngblood continues the journey of the Blazkowicz family from the heights of Wolfenstein: the new colossus.

    Wolfenstein: Youngblood brings the girls from B.J. Blazkowicz to the fight: Jess and Soph. His father, apparently the man who killed Adolf Hitler, has disappeared in Paris and pseudo-adolescent rebels have made their mission to find him and save his life.

    Players have the option of choosing the girl they want to play, although the choice, apart from some good taste texts, makes no difference in the game.

    Fans of the franchise will know how fast and action-packed the game and the Wolfenstein shooter is, and Young Blood meets on an even larger scale.

    Armed with an arsenal of weapons, players can run, jump and dive into any game.

    When traveling, players have different ways of earning money and earning points.

    With Silver, players can improve and customize their weapons with visors, larger magazines and better grips, as well as a variety of masks that complete the look.

    Experience points behave as expected and give players additional options in their repertoire, for example. Melee combat, which kills two enemies at the same time, or the ability to take larger weapons.

    These skills do not change the way players walk the streets of Paris, but they certainly add a special touch to the journey they undertake.

    Most players will be in Paris to follow dynamic missions and missions, either in the catacombs.

    The catacombs behave in the same way as the previous game, providing additional information about the world, giving missions and getting to know the cast of the ensemble.