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  • What's the difference between "Anthem" and "Destiny"?
    Time: Jul. 30, 2019

    There are still some different sounds in Anthem Origin Key. The problematic booty boot of BioWare began his life preparing for disaster: the first big game event that set the stage for the future of the world.

    This caused all kinds of comparisons, as we did in other games during problematic pitches, to find a solid base a year later. And one of the best known will always be destiny, especially because this game has been compared to destiny since we knew it exists.

    The difference is at the heart of the game: when Destiny series gam key hit the market, the loot, the content of the final phase and the progress posed many problems: we have already heard about it. What did not exist were fundamental problems at the essential level. Fate survived a stormy start to succeed in its second year for the most fundamental reason: it was fun to play it.

    The gun game was lively and satisfying, the enemies were well thought out, and the simple act of cleaning the same shots he had cleared a thousand times before was hypnotic. When the king decided to solve most of these general problems, it was built on a game base that had already laid the groundwork.

    The next analogy with Anthem that I can imagine is the update: Fallout 76 game key. Like Anthem and all the other games mentioned, Fallout 76 poses many economic and developmental problems. But these are not the most urgent problems. The most urgent problems are fundamental: it has no objective and it is not fun. Anthem has a similar problem: he not only has all these general problems, but he is not satisfactory either.

    This does not mean that the hymn cannot be recorded. Everything is possible and everything indicates that EA and BioWare give a real boost. This means that it will be much harder to save than fate. This means that a "saved" version of Anthem is very different from the current version of Anthem compared to the corresponding Destiny versions.