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  • Why we called PES as "eFootball PES"?
    Time: Sep. 19, 2019

    For years, the PES has been widely considered by foreigners in the world of football. While some prefer the most authentic simulation of the sport, it is clear that a rival published by EA was difficult to overcome in terms of turnover and reputation.

    But it seems that Konami's game has become even more popular this year due to its amazing brand change.

    At E3 2019, Konami announced that this year's title would be eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020. This long centerpiece can still be abbreviated as PES, but eFootball has been featured many times, the Japanese publisher wishing to emphasize both the importance of the game professional as the revival of his discussion about football.

    It is difficult to promote a new brand. For example, although Gears acknowledges that few people have bothered to add the word "war" when discussing these games, eFootbal PES is an extension of a series that has been reduced to a single syllable.

    Many current media reports on how eFootball has managed to reduce PES 2020 on the UK charts have eliminated the new prefix, and it is hard to believe that fans do.

    "That's why we decided to keep the PSE writing," Bobzien said. "PES is still the heritage that we always want to keep, so we decided to call it eFootball PES, which users always call it PES, will go for us, it's just that we have this. We want to complete ours." Product name to mention that even Esport becomes increasingly relevant to us."

    Bobzien is confident that the company's sports efforts will allow PES to stand out from the competition and draw attention to the two leagues built around the series. The PES League is a more traditional electronic sports tournament for a wider audience, but Konami also uses eFootball Pro, where professional clubs invite their real players to compete. The inclusion of soccer players will also help increase PES's sporting audience.