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  • Will we see more vault hunters in future Borderlands 3 DLC?
    Time: Dec. 30, 2019

    Following Borderlands 3's first major story DLC, Mad Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, many are wondering what future DLC will look like. The next set of releases has yet to be revealed, but players know they will get 3 more story DLCs, more seasonal events, and more Takedowns to accomplish going through 2020. Yet, the very first DLC may have established a pattern that could see more Vault Hunters return in future Borderlands 3 DLC.

    Before moving forward, it's worth mentioning that, as the first story DLC, it's impossible to tell if this is a one-off occurrence or the establishment of a pattern. The main Borderlands 3 campaign, however, adds further proof that it could be the latter. As players progress the main story along, they meet various Vault Hunters like Maya, Zer0, Brick, and Mordecai, so in many ways, it can be described as a walk down memory lane. This pattern of meeting old Vault Hunters is evident in the main campaign, so it's not a stretch to assume DLC could do the same.

    As evidence of that, players meet Timothy Lawrence in the Borderlands 3 Handsome Jackpot DLC, who some may know better as Jack's Doppelganger from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Timothy was hired and cloned by Jack, coming to his aid alongside Vault Hunters Athena, Nisha, Wilhelm, Claptrap, and Aurelia in pursuit of the Vault on Elpis and to defeat Zarpedon. Even if it were just one more Vault Hunter per DLC, it would be a great way to bring back old favorites.

    Of course, several characters have either already appeared (Claptrap) or died during the campaign (Aurelia), so characters likely to return would be the few who remain alive. Assuming that this is the establishment of a pattern, that means players could likely see Athena, Axton, Salvador, Gaige, Krieg, and/or Fiona in future DLCs following Mad Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, as these Vault Hunters are still alive as far as the world knows.

    Another point to consider on whether or not these characters return is the form that future Borderlands 3 Epic CD Key DLC takes. While Lilith is assumed dead, the Borderlands 3 ending seems to suggest that a "Search for Lilith" DLC is possible, while many others may also want to see another D&D-based DLC, an exploration of the robotic characters, Zero and FL4K, and how those characters are connected, and far more. Yet, it stands to reason that the various Vault Hunters could still return.

    Perhaps the most popular of the missing Vault Hunters are the Borderlands 2 DLC characters, Gaige the Mechromancer and Krieg the Psycho. Considering that Gaige has a major connection with her Deathtrap and presumably all things robotic, tying her into a DLC that also explores Zer0 and FL4K's background doesn't seem to be a stretch. Krieg, on the other hand, has several voice recordings in Borderlands 3, and there was a recent "leak" that said Krieg was originally part of the game, acting as an undercover agent in the Children of the Vault. If that were to be true, that could mean there's already data files of Krieg that could easily be turned into DLC. It's worth reiterating that this is mere speculation, though, and when and if they appear is entirely up to Gearbox.