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  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood - New wave Nazis
    Time: Aug. 27, 2019

    The Nazi murder was the central action of many videogames, until "Wolfenstein Youngblood Bethesda Key" had, in any game, the sensation of exterminating insects.

    They are Nazis. They must be eliminated from existence, ruinous intruders that are. However, a deeper examination of how "Youngblood" describes national socialism as a simple scourge provokes criticism, if only because its fascist fanaticism and ideology continue to be much more persistent in real life.

    Unfortunately, Youngblood's ability to make Nazi killers is also the most liberating part of the latest game in Bethesda's classic first-person shooter series.

    As always with the Bethesda series "Wolfenstein", the shooting is so frantic. "Youngblood" also introduces a new strategic retreat by giving enemies two types of vulnerable armor to different ammunition, encouraging them to take frequent breaks and change weapons.

    Only the last boss of the game, a superior difficulty with superhuman proportions, feels really unique compared to the rest of the Nazi shooting group. The fight also shows the limited appeal of "Youngblood" as a solo experience.

    The surprise of this boss is also the only moment in which the game retakes the cinematic weight of the latest "Wolfenstein" games. "Wolfenstein Youngblood" is deprived of his side missions and gives the impression of being less than half of a complete narrative arc. However, it is good content as a low budget summer game. And this creates a fun precondition for the proper sequel to "The New Colossus."