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  • World War Z Jerusalem Chapter 3 Glitch Rescue Players
    Time: Aug. 12, 2019

    After a player from World War Z Epic Key Jerusalem's Chapter 2 found a mistake that helped others with six skulls, a new mistake was discovered in Chapter 3 of the Second World War in Jerusalem, which would further help the players. This exploit uses a similar error to take players to an area where they become invulnerable.

    The breakdown is at the point in Jerusalem where players have to wait until Greengold opens the doors of the bunker. There are some stones to the left of the bunker doors and a net along the way.

    You have to run on the network and access the network. Then, you immediately start running to climb the rocks. At this point, you stand in front of a wall. Run to the wall and slightly to the right until you reach the bushes over the bunker door where your character can stand.

    This is the time when a maximum of two players can stay away from Zekes and shoot them to keep them away from Greengold without criticizing them. Spitterzekes can still spit players in this position. Therefore, it is important that your eyes are clear to avoid any infection.

    Apart from spitters, there is very little to fear in this position. Once again, the collection of ammunition is essential before reaching a feat. Otherwise, you will run out of ammo too quickly and your equipment will be a burden. Since only two of you are at the same time in the feat, you should help the other team members if the Zekes inevitably flood you.

    It is not always possible to resurrect them when they are fallen. Therefore, it is better to defend them and ensure that they can clean the flock of zekes that are approaching instead of firing on the infected.