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  • World War Z Proving Grounds Update Is Now Live
    Time: Sep. 16, 2019

    World War Z Epic Key is always the zombie-laden gift that keeps coming back, because the cooperative survival version in the four player cooperation mode now has the latest big update. The Proving Grounds update for World War Z is now available. It includes many new features, such as Weekly Challenge Mode, which includes multiple playlists of game modifiers that can be used to challenge you and your group.

    The weekly challenges will reward players with a new motto that can then be used for various cosmetic products such as color combinations, hats, backpack accessories, etc. The update also includes a new weapon, the classic combat rifle, as well as tons of game fixes and improvements in the quality of life.

    These are the new features of the Test Grounds update of World War Z.
    * New weekly challenge mode added: this is a separate playlist that offers a combination of three unique game modifiers that change every week.
    * Successfully completing the weekly challenges will reward you with challenging pieces.
    * This special motto is used to unlock customization options such as character surfaces, hats, backpack accessories and more.
    * Added feature of character set setting.
    * For each character, accessories for skins, hats and backpacks have been added.
    * New classic battle rifle weapon and its additional variants.

    * Variants of biohazard DLC weapons were added.