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  • World War Z: You can do more than just shooting zombies
    Time: Sep. 25, 2019

    World War Z begins on Tuesday. But do not worry. It's just a zombie video game. Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive are launching a game based on the beloved Brad Pitt movie and World War Z by Matt Brooks.

    The game is available for $35 on a Windows PC in Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Pitt's character is not in the game, but is licensed by the popular Paramount Pictures feature, which contained swarms of terrible zombies and fast.

    The best part of this game is the swarms of zombies that come in waves. As in the next days of World War Z Epic Key, there were hordes of more than 5,000 zombies during World War Z, acting as a kind of spirit without thorns, building bridges with their bodies to skin the walls and fill the gaps. lagoons As a player, you must form a team with the other players in the cooperative and eliminate as many zombies as possible.

    This is one of the games that tries to fill the void left by Left 4 Dead and most of Valve has given up. I played a lot with the Earthfall cooperative shooter last fall, but I didn't win many fans. In this game, I learned that developers must have high expectations because cooperative games are not easy to implement.

    The player chooses a class: Gunslinger (attack), Hellraiser (explosive), Fix (with special and passive skills), Medic, Slasher (scrimmage) and Exterminator (mass control). You can customize a weapon and the more you use it, the more you can unlock the different powers associated with the weapon. Then you can play different characters to gain experience for this class.

    There aren't many stories or movies, as you'll probably see in Days Gone. But you can see the world of World War Z from the point of view of various characters and scenes, said Hollis-Leick.