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MOTOSPEED V400 Gaming Mouse ZEUS6400 Wired Design 6 Adjustable DPI RGB Backlight Effect Supports Programmable Gamer For Computer

USD 53.31

USD 45.85 -14%



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Product Description

2021 NEWEST Motospeed Wired Gaming Mouse 6400DPI Optical Sensor 6 Independently Buttons RGB Backlight For Laptop PC Gamer



Brand Name:MOTOSPEEDSeries Name:V400
-Material: ABS,Rubber
-Number of keys: 6
-Color: Silver
-Mouse DPI: PMW6400:400/800/1600/3200/4800/6400 DPI
-Connection method: wired
-Keyboard Type: Gaming Mouse
-Connection: USB2.0
-Backlight mode: RGB multicolor breathing backlight
-Mouse Lifespan ( times): 20 million
-Image processing FPS: 6200 frames/sec
-Acceleration: 30g
-Rated voltage: DC 5V±5%, rated current: ≤180mA
-Switch operating force: 60±10gf
-Maximum tracking speed: 220IPS
-Refresh rate: 1000/500/125Hz
-SPI sampling time: 1/2/8 ms
-Cable Length (m) :1.8m
-Power Supply:USB Port
-System support:WinXP/Vista/win7/win8/win10/Mac
- size (L x W x H):127*64*36mm
-weight: 76±5 g
Product Highlights
- Up to 6400DPI resolution, 1000/500/125 Hz frequency polling rate
- Game anti-skid wheel provides you with a good tactile feedback
- Intelligent connectivity, no need code, plug and play
- Ergonomic design fits your palm to the maximum extent

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